Friday, August 27, 2010

Keeper Verbs!

This week in writing we have talked about throwing away weak verbs and using “Keeper” verbs in our narratives.

Think about some of your favorite verbs. They add detail to your stories and paint vivid pictures in the minds of readers.

Please comment on this post by creating a list of your three favorite verbs.
Write the verbs in a list then create a sentence using each verb.

1. Bolted
2. Soared
3. Detest

1. As soon as I opened the door Claire bolted as fast as she could.
2. The ball soared through the air and it felt like time stood still as I watched the ball fall from the sky.
3. My mom placed the sprouts in front of me at the table, I detest sprouts.

Use the example above to help you with this post discussion.


Quinn said...

1.The magical pig amazed me.2.My little brother blabers alot.3.My friend charlie insults me.

Emma said...

Purchased- I purchased a beautiful necklcace.

Skim- Iskimed though that good book.

Convinced- i convicedhim that word was spelled wrong.

Evan said...

Sam was waching tv when his mom remined him to do his homework. Evan had to explain why he did not do his homework. The plane elvated off the ground to chicogo.

Rachael =) said...

1) Katie remunerated the casheir. 2) Tim rehearsed his lines at home.3)Krysina transmitted the note to her friend.

Kayla H said...

1.My brother was scholded for not looking both ways befor crosing the street.2.I zoomed toschool on my bike.3.Riley.T jumped for the ball while in tn the soccer goal.

Caroline S said...

Strolled- I strolled threw the park with Cimarron.

Exclaimed- I might go to the Rockies game I exclaimed.

Dash-I dashed out the door to chach Cimarron.

Trevor said...

1. Roasting
2. Gazed
3. Clinged

I walked by the fire and it was roasting. I gazed up at the clouds. I clinged on to the rock.

nadia said...

1.It reeked when i got home from school. 2.After i hesitated in the mile run igot some water to cool off. 3.My mom gave me spinich and i exclaimed i dont like spinich.

Chloe said...

he was so mad he hesataied then went and hovered over her while she sobbed.Later that night she snuck out in a disguise.Then went to a resraunt. When she got home later that night her dad came in still very angry and he looked at her kind of suspiciously.

Kate said...

Kathine strolled through the woods.Lisa scored flawless on her spelling test.The boy was very greedy.

CHRIS. said...


Colin L. said...

The man aristocraticly strolled away. My dad and I alternated cooking utencils when we were barbequeing. Charlies dog attacked me by licking me furosiously. Colin L.

Adam said...


I slashed out the door.

He gulped down the whole dimer.

Him and i played loccross.

Nolan said...

build-I built a lego set
destroy-The stormtroopers destroy the door
bolted-Harry patter bolted to the door

WOW said...

1) My dog challenged me to tug a war with teeth. I lost and now it was my turn to suggest something. I said video game duel. My dog believed he was going to win but he didnt. THE END!

Kayla S. said...

Dispise, Mudder, Terified
I dispise flies beacuse they annoy me when I am camping.My mom likes to mudder.My dog is terified of the bathroom.

Riley R said...

Snickered- They snickered at me.

enjoy- I enjoyed cake becauseit makes me feel like I am in heaven.

Guide- I guided people though a cave.

Taylor Davis said...

1.I jumped an amazing height in the ari.2.Over the summer I was horrified on my first Roller Coster ride.3.I felt a jolt of energe rush strat through me. 1.jumped.

Alexa said...

My brotherdashed to the car to go home.Mydad and his dad explored the astrelean jungle.I am quened affter recess every day.

Tyler said...

one morning I wanenerded douwn stairs. I stubed my toe and srieked.My mom came douwn stairs to queston me.

charlie said...

I smashed the ball.2.He threw the ball.3.He broke the bat.

Alex said...

The boy chucled.He prnouced his name wrong.the grape guched juise.