Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top Five: What Are You Thankful For?

Next week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. As a part of Thanksgiving we often think about all the people and things that we are thankful for in our lives. Write a list of the five things that you are most thankful for and post it for classmates to read.

5. Freedom
4. Education
3. Community
2. Good Health
1. Relationships (Friends and Family)


Patricia said...

I am thankful for...
Education. :)

Rachael said...

I am very thankful for ......
Education. :)

Nolan said...

I am thankful for God, family and friends, pets, shelter, and food and water.

Kate said...

I am thankful for a loving family and wonderful friends. I am also thankful for a nice community. But I am so happy and thankful to have freedom. I have the best education and I am very thankful for that. These are the top five things I am thankful for.

Trevor said...

I am thankfull for goimg to Tanziani, friends and family,freedom, eduacation and a great teacher in my life.
If I had not gone to Tanzania I would not have the unique experience. Other people have not had the same experiences as me. If I did not have the other four things my life would be really dull.

Quinn O. said...

The five things I'm most thankful for are... God because if we did not have God and we could not pray. I'm also thankful for my house because if we did not have shelter we would be sleping outside. Another thing I'm thankful for is my family. I'm also thankful for freedom. The last thing I'm thankful for is food because we would be starving without it.

Tyler said...

I am thakful for ...
1. Food
2. Friends
3. Family
4. Dogs
5. house
I am super lucky to have these things.

Nadia said...

I thankful for theses five things and places-My friends Evan, Alexa, Kayla H., Chloe and Kate. I’m most thankful for my family because I love them so much. I’m thankful for my dog Thunder. I’m thankful for having a net book-mini laptop. I’m thankful for my house and everyone in it. These are the five things that I’m most thankful for.

Chloe said...

I am thankful for Gymnastics, Freedom, Parents, Money, and Shelter. I am thankful for these things because Gymnastics is fun and keeps me in shape, I’m thankful for freedom because I don’t want to be a slave or not be able to wear what clothes I want to wear. I’m thankful for parents because if I didn’t have parents or grandparents because I wouldn’t have any one to take care of me or give me shelter. I’m also thankful for money because if I didn’t have money I wouldn’t be able to buy food, toys, clothes, or anything else. Lastly I’m thankful for shelter because if I didn’t have shelter I would probably be homeless and have to live on the street with no shelter .These are all the things I’m thankful for.

Colin L. said...

The five things I'm thankful for are God, family, home, friends, and wilderness. You might wonder why I'm thankful for these things. I'm thankful for God because he makes life good for you and keeps everything from turning into chaos. I'm thankful for family because they take care of me. I'm also thankful for friends because they make life really fun. I'm also thankful for wildernass because my family does a lot of fun stuff in the wilderness like camping, hiking, fishing and fun stuff like that.

Chris J. said...

The things I'm thankful for is my family,my friends,food,God,my t.v, my clothes,and my house!And those are the things I am thankful for.

Emma said...

The top 5 things I am thankful for are FOOD, SHELTTER, FREEDOM, FAMILY AND FRIENDS. These things are important to me because they’re great things to be thankful for. I always have a nice big dinner and my family lives in a beautiful old house. Without freedom America would still be owned by England. I am lucky to have family and friends to be there for me. I am thankful for these 5 things hopefully you are too.

Caroline S. said...

I’m thankful for five things which are family, shelter, food, water, and clothes. I have five people in my family my mom, my dad, Jennifer, and Allison. My family is living in a beautiful house that I have my own room. I always have a nice dinner with food and water that I wouldn’t have without my family. I have a ton of clothes to wear every day. Those are my top five things I’m thankful.

Alexa said...

Six things that are important to me are God, family, friends, pets, Mr.Watanabe, and a shelter.

Adam said...

The five things I’m most thankful is Family, Friends, and Animals. If I didn’t have these things I wouldn’t be thankful .But these last two things I can live without. Those last two things are shelter, and Food.

Kayla S. said...

The eight things that I am thankful for are God, Family, Friends, food, shelter, dogs, Mr. Watanabe, and clothing.

Charlie said...

I am thankfull for homes because other people dont get homes.I am thankful for freedom because other people dont get freedom in other country's. I am also thankful for my family because some people in the world dont have a family. I am thankful for my friends because some people in the world have only one or two friends.I am thankful for our troops in the war because if we did not have our troops the world would be hard to live in.

Riley said...

I am Thankful for sports because it helps me stay strong. I am all so thankful for family and friends. I all so thankful for food and pets.

Lucas said...

The 5 things I am most thankful for
1. My fellow class mates
2. Bo Bo
3. To be alive
4. To live on this world with such amazing people
5. Friends and Family

Taylor said...

The five things I’m most surely thankful for are……
1)Family and friends.
2)happiness and freedom.
3)Life and religion.
5)And last but not least love.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog site, guys! How impressive. I love the videos Mr. W has posted, especially the one about population growth through IKEA box symbols. Have you seen it yet?

Mrs. Logan

Anonymous said...

Oops, and I meant to be thankful that Mr. W's students are clearly appreciating the important things in life!
Mine are:
My kids
My family
My students
My pets
My planet.
Mrs. Logan