Thursday, March 17, 2011

Current Event: Disaster in Japan

Last week Japan suffered the largest earthquake in its history. The earthquake triggered a tsunami wave that destroyed coastal cities in Northern Japan. Now, Japan is facing a nuclear threat because the reactors were damaged during the quake.

The video shows some of the images of the disaster in Japan. Please watch the video and reflect on these three questions. Write a response answering these questions with complete sentences and proper spelling/punctuation.

1. What do natural disasters teach you?
2. What do you think are some next steps in rebuilding the cities that were destroyed?
3. What other thoughts do you have about the disasters in Japan?


Nadia said...

Natural disasters teach me that so many people have died and people from other countries give them ton of money to help the country that was hit by the natural disaster to help them with their wages to help build homes and buildings. This is really upsetting and it had a really big after shock to the people who were away from where it hit.

I think that people from the USA will send so money and go to Japan were it happened and help repair shops, buildings, and homes. From background knowledge this person on YouTube named Ryan Higa is saying that every million he gives $600.00 to Japan. He is really trying to help Japan because he wants to help with building homes, shops, homes, and to donate to the Red Cross in Japan. Japan can really use the help so Japan is calling out to you America so go and help Japan quickly.

I hope Japan will get there help quickly so they can go back to having a normal life. Is Japan getting the medical attention they need? Well people in Japan should because this is a very serious issue for Japan and people who weren’t hit .

Chloe said...

Natural disasters taught me that a lot of people get hurt and it’s a pretty scary thing to have an earth quake, and a tsunami hit you at the same time. I think the next steps for Japan are to either pack up and move or get a warm place to stay and start picking stuff up. They all ready got all the people who were buried so I think they should just find family and stay together. My other thoughts on this subject is that I feel really bad for Japan and I hope some Americans are kind enough to go help Japan! (I would love to go but I’m probably not allowed!)

Patricia F. said...

1. The natural disaster in Japan taught me that disasters are vary series and that they can occur any time and that if your country lives in the middle of the ocean it can cause a tsunami.
2. Well I think they should be rescued until they clean out all the junk or until the flooding go’s down then they can clean the rest.
3. My thoughts are that Japan is going thru a difficult time and we need to do everything we can.

Kate S. said...

The natural disaster in Japan has taught me that when you think something’s bad it can get way worse. I cannot even think of what they are going through. But it makes me feel better because people are sending supplies over to Japan. I just can’t believe that the people who passed away or got hurt it the mean earthquake and tsunamis that caused it. The people of japans next step is to pick up all of their stuff and start to rebuild their homes or stay with family and friends. My other thoughts about the earth quake are this was a horrible earthquake and definitely a sad one and the people in Japan should start picking up the pieces of there lives.

Taylor said...

The natural disasters that have happened these passed years have made me think that we can’t prevent them from happening. If we could the world would be over populated by about 2,000,000 or so.
I think the next step to Japan growing back would be to get some cleanup crows to Japan.
The other thoughts I have on Japan is I wish they were a bigger country.

Quinn O. said...

Natural disasters teach me that they can be powerful and destructive. They also teach me that Colorado is lucky that we don’t have earthquakes or tsunamis.
The next steps for rebuilding the buildings and houses are to wait for the water to drain then you can tear out all the old buildings and remake new ones.
The thoughts I have about the disasters are “well that is scary and wow I would hate to be in that”.

Trevor said...

1. I think that the disaster in Japan told me that you can never prepare completely for natural disasters. I t also told me that you can never expect natural disasters. They can also be very powerful and destructive beond our belief.
2. I think that the next thing that Japan needs to do is get outside help from all over the world. Once they have that then they need to clean up and comfort one another in there crisis.
3. I thought that when natural disasters hit we all lose some sleep and we all worry that people need our help and we can’t do anything for them besides donate money.

Emma A. said...

Natural disasters teach me that they are unpredictable. You should always be ready, because they can come when you’re not expecting it.

I think the next step to rebuilding the cities that were destroyed should be calling for help, picking up as much off the ground as they can, then try to rebuild the cities.

I think it is very devastating because cities all over Japan were hit by either the earthquake or the tsunami. My mom has friends that live in Tokyo, Japan. Her name is Tamoko. She has a daughter named Ema, age 10. I am pen pals with her. I am very worried about Ema and her family because they live in Japan and they might of gotten hit by the earthquake or the tsunami.

Colin L. said...

Natural disasters like this one have taught me to be prepared. I think the next step to repairing Japan is taking care of their radiation problem. I think that Japan needs a lot of help and I’m glad that we are helping them. I hope that they recover from this disaster.

lucas said...

1. Natural disasters teach me about what devastating things they are. They are capable of destroying buildings and killing many people.
2. First they should get construction teams over there.
3. My thoughts our that the people in some parts of Japan that went effected can sleep at night without worrying about nuclear threats.

Evan said...

Natural disasters teach me that earth is in danger and I need to do something about it like donating money. Also it teaches me about what natural disasters can do to houses and buildings in different cities.

Some things that they can do to clean up the city is by having survivors make a clean up team to clean up the rubble and help with different things.

My other thoughts about natural disasters in Japan are about what is going to happen next to the people whatever happens we’ll just have to hope that god is with them through this whole journey.

Kayia S. said...

T he natural disasters that recently happened in Japan taught me many things, like that earthquakes can cause tsunamis and that tsunamis and earthquakes can occur at any time.

The next steps that I think Japan should take to re-build all the buildings that were destroyed are to clear out all the junk.

The other thoughts that I have for this huge current event is that it is extremely sad and that I think we can all help to support Japan!

Riley said...

I learned that earthquakes do not happen in a snap I though they happen for literally 1 second but it actually happens for quit along time. I think that my family should make a cake for the people in Japan because it might cheer them up and help them with the loss of food.

Caroline S. said...

I learned that a lot of people can become friends in a in a minute. For example US and Japan was in war and now we are all trying to help Japan. If US had in earthquake they would do the same thing. I think so many are going to help a lot.

I think that the next step is to save as many people as they can and cleaning up Japan. I think these things because it will be a disaster if they don’t.

I also it is very sad how it is a natural disaster. It would be hard living in Japan with what is going on. I wish I could cheer them up somehow.
This what I say!

Joey said...

natural disasters teach me we should be more prepared.I think next steps are rebuilding things.I feel sorry for people who lost thier loved ones.

Liz said...

Natrul disasters teach me to not be as upset beacase pepele are having a wors time than me wen i'm upset. I thnink that some f the steps to recovoring to this is trying to find pepele, then re-buld. Some other thots I have is that I think they have aworst time than hati.

Kayla H. said...

The disaster showed me that we never can stop disasters.
I think the next step is to clean up the dust and maybe reuse it.
They will rebuild and be a strong country once again.

Alexa said...

The tsunami and earthquake taught me that natural disasters will always come and go and they can have a huge effect on your life

I think the next step for Japan is to build stronger buildings so the damage won’t be as bad as this one.

Japan has gone thou lot’s of problems like the tsunami so I think they can push thou this.

Charlie said...

The natural disasters that have happened these passed years have made me think that we can’t prevent them from happening. If we could the world would be over populated by about 2,000,000 or so.
I think the next step to Japan growing back would be to get some cleanup crows to Japan.
The other thoughts I have on Japan is I wish they were a bigger country.

Tyler said...

I think natural disasters are awful to everyone and everything. Nobody should have to witness them.