Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Is it better to give or receive?

With the holiday season here many people will be giving and receiving gifts from family and friends. As we begin to think about what it means to give and receive gifts, write an opinion essay to explain your thoughts on whether giving or receiving is better.


Ella B said...

I love to give people gifts it makes me feel good inside. What about you? do you like to give or receive?. I do love to get gifts like for my Birthday or Christmas but I think that it is so kind of people to get you something from their hearts. I think that it is better to give because it is something coming from their hearts it could be a celebration of some sort and I think that it is just kind to give.
I love to give because it is something from your heart that makes one another happy. When I give it makes me feel so very happy. When other people give me presents it makes them happy I can see them smile very big smile. We all are so luck to be able to buy gifts and receive them.
I love to give because it might be a celebration. I love to give gifts especially if it is for a birthday because you never are the same age again. I also love to gifts on Christmas I love to see them smile it makes them and me happy. Have you ever watched a person open a gift and see the smile creeping across there face I have I feel so good that I did that.
I think that it is very kind to give. If I give I think that it is kind because you are being nice to one another. One time my sister got me something very nice a snow globe it was very kind.
All in all, I hope you love to give.

Tatum said...

Giving Or Receiving Is Better?

Is giving or receiving better I think giving is better because you are giving the thing instead of taking it.

REASON 1 Giving is better than receiving because as I said at the top it is better to give it instead of taking the thing. I bet you most people think that taking is better than giving because they want it for themselves.I hope that you can give instead of taking.

REASON 2 Giving is better because giving is nice and a caring thing to do I love being nice to others it is nice to be kind to others. I think it is fun to be kind and sharing and giving to others it is cool at birthday parties. I like watching other people open presents on christmas and everything.

REASON 3 Finally giving is better because you make other people happy and have fun that is the most important rule ever having fun and making people happy is very important. If you ask why well because it just makes people feel better.

In conclusion I hope that you think that giving is better with these reasons.

Danny P. said...

Giving or receiving?
HELP THERE IS A PERSON IN NEED. WE REALLY NEED TO CARE FOR PEOPLE IN NEED LIKE THE KIND PERSON!! What is better giving or receiving? In my mind I think that giving is better because you would be putting other people needs befores yours. I think that giving is better than receiving because it helps other in good ways, puts other people needs before your and it helps people that don’t have very good family like others.

Giving is better than receiving because it helps other people in what ever way a person would choose. If a person is ill for the time of christmas and they can’t oford to get anything. So if you were to give them a very cheap small thing it would be thanked so much. For example if a person was ill I had to get them a jacket well I did not have to but to help the person out. At the store they said that they wanted just a small t shirt and a sweatshirt. All That it costed was only 10.00 buck and it was for a small gray shirt and sweatshirt. When it got delivered he was very thankful because there were lot’s of people that brought caring thing that they person wanted for christmas.

Second giving is better than receiving because its putting other people needs before yours. If a person is maybe suffering from ill and they have no money left to spend on christmas needs and presents. It would be time for caring people to come in to give them the stuff they need for the holiday. We could give or buy them needs that they want for christmas. you could donate money to help them with what they have to deal with. Say someone was ill in the hospital they do not have money for the good type of medicine to help them with what they have to deal with. After they come back from there ill and back to their home they will have no money or food so again that would be are time to shine and be caring for other to show that giving is better than receiving.

Third giving is better than receiving because some kids don’t have a good family then others. So if we are coming to a holiday and a family like split up you would not try to get them back together but if they have a bad house and no money. No money might have been why they had to split up in the first place. If we give them money little by little they may be able to get back together thats are job for all of the poor or ill or split up families. So families can have bad homees bad parents or kids and they need some helps to raise their family up to a higher level of health and life.

All and all I think that giving is better than receiving Because you put people i need before yours and it is very thanked by all people that have a bad life with ill or family.How would you feel if you were in need,well there are a lot of people that are in need. Give the gift of care to others We have to care for all the people in need before people that have good health and family, PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Charlotte C. said...

Now that it’s around the time for the holidays, I’ve been thinking about whether giving or receiving is better. I think giving is better because you get the satisfaction of knowing you did something right, you get to see the smile on their face when they open up their gift, and you and the person you gave the gift to are both happy.
I think giving is better than receiving because you get the satisfaction of knowing you did something right. When I get my parents or sisters something and they love it, I have the satisfaction of knowing I got them the right thing and they are happy with it. Most everybody likes getting the satisfaction of getting someone a gift and making them happy. One Christmas my sister really wanted a camera for her trip to Washington, DC. My mom said we could all give the camera to her. On Christmas morning she was really tired, but she woke right up when she saw the camera under the tissue paper.
I think giving is better than receiving because you get to see the smile on their face as they open up their gift. Most every parent likes to see their kid/kids beam up when they open up the wrapping paper. When I was in New York, there were a lot of people who couldn’t afford to buy about anything. When I walked by the 2nd one I had seen I asked my mom if I could have at least some money to put in there. When she said yes and I ran up to the Starbucks cup he was holding and put the money in there. When his face lit up I knew it was a good choice.
I think giving is better than receiving because in the end you and the person you gave the gift to is happy. Most every time when my grandparents get us something for Christmas and on Christmas morning me, my sisters, and my cousins beam up with happiness. Same with them. I think the Toys For Tots donation is a very smart thing to do because sometimes families can’t afford to buy toys for their kids during the holidays, so when someone donates a toy it helps a lot.
All in all, I hope I made you realise how much better giving is than receiving because it’s always worth it to get the satisfaction and see the huge smile as they open their gifts this holiday season.

Jacob C. said...

Giving Or Receiving?

What do you think is better? Giving, or Receiving? I think giving is way better than receiving because when you give a present to someone you feel better for making someone happy. You also feel accomplished, awesome and caring. I know my mom will not ask for any presents, she just asks for food and happiness for the poor. Of course I know what she means because you want to make other people happy and when you receive you feel selfish for not giving a present for them. Me and my family has tons and tons of presents under the tree, maybe like ten or more. I had got presents for the whole family and I feel so accomplished for making my promise come true! Giving is really important and I’m going to tell you some reasons for why it is important. Giving makes other people happy, it makes you feel really nice and a new person.

Giving is more important than receiving because it makes other people happy. I know when people receive presents they are really happy. But I like giving and it is fun to give to people. When some people think about christmas, they usually think about getting presents. Thats bad because what its really about is Jesus birthday and caring about each other. People need to know that is wrong about it. Also you make people happy when you give it, so thats what the whole paragraph is about. Giving is caring and don’t care about those presents that much! Give more.

Giving is more important than receiving because it makes you really nice. When you give a present you feel really nice and you like it so you want to give it more which people like you more. When you get off break and you told your teacher that you gave a lot of presents then they’ll say that you are really nice so you are like a helping person! When you each year you grow and grow to being nicer. Give more and don’t be selfish. This year I gave a lot more presents than last year and last year I almost didn’t give more than two presents so I changed a lot and my brother changed a lot too while giving presents.

Giving is more important than receiving because you feel like a whole new person. When you give presents to your relatives or friends you feel so awesome. One day I made a goal to give a lot of presents and I did. I rewarded myself with eating a lot of food which I don’t know why I did. But I think I did it because it was so yummy. When you do something nice you always want to reward yourself with something for being so cool. I like to give presents to a lot of people starting this time of year. Don’t depend on getting presents, just depend on getting a lot of presents for a lot of people!

All in all, I hope you will like giving more then receiving because receiving kind of makes
you feel selfish and greedy. Giving makes you nice and a new person so keep on giving presents! Give presents and don’t be selfish and about those presents. So I hope that you will not be greedy and stuff like that. You should keep giving too, so stay calm and keep giving!

Grace L. said...

I think giving is better than receiving because you
feel better when you do a good deed for someone else because it feels nice to make someone else smile. Think about Kittens with present bows on top. They make me smile because they are like gifts, to make someone happy on a special occasion. It could be a present; a ring, or money. Everything feels right on the outside, but look into the inside and find what is right in the world. In China, In Russia, In Europe, In Asia, In Australia, In South America and in Canada people are giving all around the world even if they don’t have winter or special holidays, people still give.

Now I hope you understand that giving is more important than receiving. It’s OK to receive sometimes, but giving makes you and the person you’re giving to feel better

Sean .C said...

Do you Think Giving or Receiving
Which do you think giving or receiving is better? I think giving is way better because you care for others and when you are not greedy and selfish for other things. That is true loving for others if you give and others will care for you not ask for more and have a bad loving type. Then if you have a good spirit you give and care for others and have a good time other than thinking more makes you happier but it doesn't help if you are sad or mad. And that is what I think of giving and receiving .

The first reason is you are not selfish . The reason I picked giving because you are not selfish and greedy because you think it makes you happier but it doesn't it just makes you stay the same or even depressed and sad then befor you got the thing or advice. If it does make you happy and you dont say anything it makes the person seem sad that you think it is bad and you don’t like it then bad stuff happens in the relationship and you are not friends.

Another reason is that you care for others when you give.You can care for others by giving and they love it hopefully and they feel cared and happy all the sudden when they get the present that you great no matter what you get them. You give them something you hope they like. then you feel loved if they give the card . after that time you give lots and have a great time. hope you feel the same way as I do.

All and all that is the best thing you can do and you should do. thank you for listening and Be generous thank you!! :^)

Sam A. said...

Which do you think his better around the holidays, giving or receiving? I think that giving his better than receiving for these two reasons, if you give then other people in your family will feel nice and loved by the giver. If you give a present you feel a lot better after you do something nice and you will not feel selfish. I love to give a couple of presents to my other family members. It makes me feel good and not selfish. I also think that giving his for other people rely on me and that feels good.

I think that giving his better than receiving because it will make the other people in your family feel good and loved. Giving presents his better, one time I gave a present to my sister who is not that nice to me, she said that she was really thankful for the present that I made and she felt good. Also one time I got a gift from my mom and she I was felt really good, after we finished she said to me that it felt good to give me another present. Another time it was christmas eve and I gave my book that he really liked, he did not know that I bought it from the library, he was really glad and he said that it felt good in the inside. I think giving his better because it makes the receiver and the giver feel good. I love to give to other people it makes me feel good and it should feel good to you too!

I think that giving his better because it makes you feel nice and not selfish. Last christmas I gave everybody in my family, I felt great when my sister opened the first gift I gave her a big smile. When everybody opened their presents I felt great and like I had done something really nice for my whole family and I felt really unselfish. My mom gave me the idea on December 15 I think, and she came over to me after we opened presents and said,
“Sam did that feel good? She asked and I answered, “ yes. It felt really good.” That night I felt so good that I could not get to sleep, it felt really good. I think that giving his a lot better after I gave gifts, I hope you like the feeling as much as I did.

All in all I think around the holidays that giving gifts his better then getting, for the reasons that I have explained to you. I think it his a lot more beneficial for the giver then if you get a gift. I love to give, it his a little more fun if you receive a gift then if you give a gift. It is better to give than receive, I hope you feel the same way!

Maya B said...

So, the holiday is coming up………..Christmas! That makes me think about giving and receiving! Have you ever thought about which one is better? I have and let me just say that I think that giving is better! You better get ready, this is gonna be a while.

I think that giving is better because you are caring for others and want to get them something together too! It’s good because you’re not just caring for yourself. When you are giving, you are being very kind. Did you know that when you give, and the person you did that to, would be so happy and they would think that you are a really good person. It would also make you feel so great, because you’re proud of what you just did. DO you agree with me?!?!?

Another good reason is because if you only receive gifts, then you’re not really doing anything like giving stuff to your friends. All you do is just open all the gifts that other people send you. You should do the same back. When you receive gifts, the person who gave you it, is being really kind. Do you want your friends to think that you don’t give them gifts at all? I really wouldn’t like that! So you should listen to me!

The last reason why is because it is from you, only you. You show your kindness and your care for them. Not a lot of people do that for other people, so you should be on the list that does do it for others! It is fun to receive stuff from your friends, but not all the time. When you are giving, you are using your mind a lot more. Your head is full of thoughts of what to get them! Okay? So you could say that you were being very thoughtful towards the person you are giving to!

So, it is SO simple! Just three words, GIFTING IS BETTER! Please just agree with me! Well, I hope you are giving something to someone! Oh, sorry, I gotta go. I need to buy my friend a gift! BYE!!!